Lamancha Does

Garden  n' Goat Sweet Tea

Purebred Lamancha, ADGA pedigree


We welcomed Sweet Tea to the farm this fall! Megan Wagle at Zymeriees Nigerian Dwarf Goats gifted her to us.   She is a super sweet doe, and will live out her days here.  She is pictured above as a 2 year old, she has two legs towards her permanent championship. She is starting to show her age quite a bit now, But we are hopeful for another kidding from her. All of our lamancha does are from Sweet Tea and we couldn't ask for a better group of sweet does to start with. 

                                                             Sweet Tea will be AI bred to Forrest-Pride Van Gogh

Krause Farms Sweet Deviation

Lamancha, ADGA Pedigree


Deviation is an AI kid by Garden'N Goats Sweet Tea and Kastdemurs' Detour. She was Jr. Grand Champion at Missouri State Fair in the youth show with Carly in 2021.

She was kept dry for 2022 and shown as a dry yearling. She was again Jr Grand Champion at Missouri State Fair in the youth show in 2022.

Deviation was live bred to Panaceas Fisher King

( Fisher King, is pending registration so his sire and Dams Planned Pedigree is linked)

Krause Farms Sweet Serenade

(Registration Pending)

Serenade another super sweet doe from Garden' n Goats Sweet Tea, AI sired by HEART-MT.-CARTER-KIDS SUJORN.  We are super excited to watch her grow. She will be dry for 2023.