The kids and I started making soaps in 2017.  It quickly turned into a fun and creative hobby.  Not only does it give us another way to use more of our ABUNDANT supply of fresh goat milk, but we also enjoy the products ourselves.  All of our soaps contain Goat milk produced on our farm. We do try to use sustainable oils that don't require deforestation for production. The soaps we produce are very luxurious, with a rich bubbly lather, that cleans, but doesn't dry out your skin and leaves you feeling soft and moisturized. Our soaps will come individually packaged to promote shelf life. Soap colors may differ from the photos based on colors we have on hand when we are mixing up a new batch. But the quality will remain the same. Please note ingredient lists on each product.. For my local customers wishing to pick up. Please email me prior to purchase.

We make small batches at a time and all our proceeds from the sales of our soap go back into our herd, which helps our feed program and our show fund.   We truly do appreciate our customers and your business very much. With your help we hope to be able to show on National level someday. 

 Thank you!! and Enjoy!! :) 

Please Feel Free to Contact us With any Questions

Krause Farms

Maysville, Missouri

We would like to give a Huge Thank you to everyone who purchases from us..   All your dollars really do go straight into the farm, to help us feed and care for our animals. Below are some pictures from throughout the years of us showing and enjoying our animals, spending time together on our fun farm adventure.

Krause Farms Soap Store